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World Economic Forum

i24News| 15.07.2023

Karen Schwok participated to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

View her insights from these fascinating few days in Davos

6 errors to avoid when trying to increase your equity allocation in a Bear market

TheMarker  | 05.09.2022

As the Covid-19 had a significant impact in the last few weeks on the finanical markets, many investors decided to increase their exposure to equity.

Karen Schwok shared her insights on how to avoid errors in these turbulent times.

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Corona virus i24News

Black Monday & Corona Virus impact on financial markets

The Israel Bar Association| 08.05.2022

Interview of Karen Schwok by Jean-Charles Banoun.

Karen shared her insights on how the financial markets and the global economy could be significantly impacted by the rapid expansion of the corona virus.

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The Global Economy will continue to grow on a fast track in 2022

Globes | 04.01.2022

2022 will be a complex year for investors: markets will continue to cope with inflation, and new variants of coronavirus, loads in the supply chain and uncertainty will continue to be high. But we are optimistic about the continued strengthening of the global economy with the likelihood of moderation of growth towards the end of 2022. Our premise is that decision makers, whether it's finance ministers, governments or central banks, will continue to do everything possible to keep the world from entering recession and an economic-financial crisis.

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New year resolutions: tips from Family Offices

TheMarker  | 05.09.2021

As Covid-19 will most probably still be part of our lives in the next few months  and stocks continue to break records, interest rates are still low, and inflation is starting to increase - what should investors do with their funds? ■ We turned to some experts, financial planners at Family Office companies, who manage the investments and savings of wealthy families in Israel, and asked them how it is worthwhile for an ordinary Israeli family to plan their economic future ■ They have seven tips for you

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פורטרט קארן שווק

The Israeli finance management sector is not ready for all the new rich techies

As funding and SPACs create thousands of newly rich people across the country, Karen Schwok has concerns about how the sector will respond

CTech | 10.06.2021

What we saw over the past 12 months isn’t just companies that managed to raise significant sums, or went public at high valuations with founders pocketing handsome sums, but we saw another layer of executives that are getting rich very very fast. The talk in the market is that there will be somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 new rich people in Israel over the next 12 months.

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קארן שווק פורטרט

Vaccines vs. variants: the race to immunize the developing world

Calcalist | 26.02.2021

Developing world struggles to get its shares of Covid vaccines - investors should take into account this could impact the global economic recovery.


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photo calcalist.jpg

The results of the US elections will create more visibility for investors. The vaccines are about to be administered. The markets will most certainly continue to perform well

Globes |  20.12.2020

Interview of Karen Schwok (קארן שווק) by Guy Ben Simon.

Karen shared her insights on the current various risks and opportunities that have  strong influences on investors and capital markets.

פורטרט קארן שווק

A "new" tech revolution is coming and the winds of change will hit the U.S. first

CTech | 02.12.2020

In the next few weeks, investors need to position their asset allocation differently in light of what we call “the transition phase” – roughly defining the time period between the elections and the de facto taking of power. Not because Biden is bringing with him the “winds of change” to the markets but because he is carried on the windblown that’s already here. We obviously still have to wait and see whether or not the Democrats will gain the majority of the Senate but the technological trends we’ve been witnessing over the last few months will strengthen regardless. The ‘new’ tech revolution is yet to come for more traditional sectors in the US first and foremost.

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קארן שווק פורטרט

"Biden tax plan won't have an effect before 2022"

Globes | 18.10.2020

Interview of Karen Schwok (קארן שווק) in Globes regarding the various sectors that shall be the most impacted by the results of the US elections

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קארן שווק מתראיינת כלכליסט

Book building is becoming the most common practice in Israel 

Calcalist | 13.10.2020

the Book building practice is intensifying among companies that are willing to get listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange via IPO

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Wall Street broker.jpg

6 common mistakes investors are doing 

Globes | 16.4.2020

Covid-19: The strong volatility in the markets we've been experiencing over the last few weeks is encouraging investors to increase their exposure to equities. This article reflects our current outlook and insights on how to navigate during these turbulent markets.

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Corona virus i24News

Black Monday & Corona Virus impact on financial markets

i24News |  09.03.2020

Interview of Karen Schwok by Jean-Charles Banoun.

Karen shared her insights on how the financial markets and the global economy could be significantly impacted by the rapid expansion of the corona virus.

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world economic forum

World Economic Forum

Annual Meeting at Davos | 22.01.2020

Karen Schwok participated to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

View her insights from these fascinating few days in Davos

investor on the phone

Prepare yourself for the end of this fiscal year

Calcalist | 19.12.2019

As we are approaching the year end, investors who have accumulated this year significant capital gains shall capitalize on the current capital markets fluctuations to reduce their taxable gains.

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YPO logo.jpg

Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) 

Innovation Journey |  18.09.2019

Excited to participate to the Investment Panel organized during the YPO Innovation Journey in Tel-Aviv, sharing our views on the Israeli ecosystem and focusing on the type of errors entrepreneurs are often doing when managing their funds.

Many thanks to Nirit Harel for the invitation, as well as Pearl Cohen & OurCrowd for hosting and sponsoring the event .

40 under 40 The Marker.jpg

The Marker – 40 Under 40 award

The Marker | 02.09.2019

Karen Schwok was awarded by the prestigious The Marker magazine  as one of the promising managers of Israel.

קארן שווק פורטרט

Wealth Management – global trends & implications on the Israeli market

Tel Aviv University | 05.06.2019

Karen Schwok was honored to lecture at the  end-year event of the Capital Market Club of Tel Aviv University.
We would like to thank Prof Dan Amiram, Vice Dean and professor at Coller School of Management as well as Yuval Halevy, Head of the Capital Market Club for the invitation.

Also, many thanks to BDO for sponsoring the event.

Karen Schwok Lucid Investments Famiy Office

Common mistakes Entrepreneurs are doing when managing their funds

Volcano Innovation Summit |  06.05.2019

Excited to participate as guest-speaker at this incredible event organized by Yossi Vardi, one of Israel’s early and most successful entrepreneurs.

Gathering more than 2’000 entrepreneurs, this global initiative, which acts as a platform to exchange future visions and experiences, was driven by the mission to incorporate Latin America to the global network of innovation, science and culture by connecting business, entrepreneurs, creative leaders and investors for crossover conversation and inspiration.

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finance screen

Corporate America goes on debt diet

Calcalist |  05.03.2019

US companies are finally listening to stock and bond investors that have been pressing Corps to cut their debt loads. 

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ECB: Time to say goodbye to easy money?

Bizportal | 10.06.2018

In March, the European Central Bank dropped a long-standing pledge to increase its bond buying if needed, taking another small step in weaning the euro zone economy off protracted quantitative easing (QE).

Just how much recent economic and international developments are impacting the ECB’s plans to unwind QE could well make for a lively debate. Nevertheless, there are some of the key questions for markets investors are interested in. Monetary Policy

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Karen Schwok i24News Lucid Investments Family Offic Israel

Karen Schwok Talks About Political Risks And Markets

i24News  |  12.12.2016

Karen Schwok, CEO at Pictet Israel sits down to talk with i24 News about the US elections and how the markets have reacted so far.

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קארן שווק פורטרט

Israel High-Net-Worth market trends

TheMarker | 24.01.2021

Karen Schwok, was interviewed about the activity of international banks operating in Israel and her view in respect of the needs of the Israeli clientele .

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Brexit impact of the Financial Industry

Calcalist   |   28.06.2016

Karen Schwok, CEO at Pictet Israel. was recently interviewed by Yehuda Sharoni in Calcalist, a premiere Israeli business paper, where she discussed the possible impact the Brexit might have on the banking industry.

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Israel: Popular Yet Complex Destination

Family Office Magazine |  Autumn Edition

A little less known fact about Israel is that it is a country built on immigration. About 40% of the country’s resident were born outside of it. A 2016 study by international consultancy New World Wealth, suggests that there is one cohort of people who have moved to Israel and that is millionaires. The company’s survey of millionaire migration describes Israel as the fourth most popular destination worldwide for migrating millionaires in 2015, after Australia, the United States and Canada. The survey claims that 4,000 high-networth individuals relocated to Israel in 2015. Since the number of immigrants and returning residents was around 37,000, that makes approximately one in nine new arrivals to the country a millionaire.

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Former CEO at Pictet Wealth Management Israel establishes Lucid Investments

The Marker  |   21.08.2017

Karen Schwok,  Marius Nacht’s partner and Former CEO at Pictet Wealth Management Israel establishes Lucid Investments.

Full interview (HE)

Tel Aviv University Alumni Association – Inspiring Senior Executives in 2017

Ynet   |   12.06.2017

Karen Schwok was selected as one of the 9 Inspiring Senior Executives among Tel-Aviv University Alumni in 2017, representing the Collar School of Management.

Full Interview

Karen Schwok Lucid Investments Family Office

Investing in Emerging markets Corporate bonds

Bizportal  |  27.05.2014

Karen Schwok interviewed by Bizportal. The article covers Pictet’s views on Emerging Markets corporate debts.



Read full article (HE)

Karen Schwok Bank Pictet

Tel Aviv University Senior Executives – Finance and Banking

Tel-Aviv University   |  04.01.2014

Karen Schwok was selected among the Senior Alumni of Recanati Business School as top Manager in the Finance and Banking Industry in Israel.

Full list of Executive Alumni

Karen Schwok Banque Pictet & Cie S.A. Israel

Karen Schwok , CEO Pictet Wealth Management Israel

Globes  |  04.07.2013

The interview covered the work of Karen as the CEO of Pictet Wealth Management Israel and her view in respect of the Israeli market.


Full interview in Globes

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