Karen Schwok

Founder & CEO

Karen Schwok‘s Wealth Management expertise over the past 20 years, mainly in the years 2011-2017 when she served as the CEO of Pictet Wealth Management Israel (Banque Pictet & Cie SA being the third largest bank in Switzerland), enabled her to successively gain a reputation for reliability, efficiency and transparency.

Previously, Karen Schwok established and managed the Institutional desk at Bank Leumi, managing a portfolio of over USD 30 billion (2007-2010). From 2002 to 2006, she was a Portfolio Manager and a Member of the International Investment Committee at Psagot Ofek (Leumi’s wealth management and asset management subsidiary).

Karen holds an MBA from Tel-Aviv University – where she majored in Business Administration and Finance in 2004, and has been in professional practice for over 20 years. During this period, she advised and managed the assets of entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals, as well as non-profit organizations.


She’s been licensed as a Portfolio Manager by the Israeli Securities Authority (ISA) since 2004 (License no. 6337).

She was selected in 2016 by the leading financial journal in Israel “The Marker” as one of the 40 Promising Managers under 40.

That same year,  Tel-Aviv University selected her as one of the top ten Senior Executives Alumni in Israel (Banking & Finance).

Board member of various associations such as the Chamber of Commerce Israel-Switzerland & Liechtenstein and the Association of Foreign Banks in Israel as well as Member of the Board of Advisors of Tel Aviv University Alumni Association.




The next decade will bring significant changes to the wealth management industry, and we look to our advisory board to guide us in successfully managing both challenges and opportunities.


Our advisory board members have significant track records in key areas including macroeconomics, credit and risk controlling, tax and wealth planning expertise. We look to them for advice and opinions in enhancing our management skills and advancing our investment strategies to help guard and grow our clients’ wealth.

Meetings are held throughout the year and involve strategic investments planning, economic analysis, tax, financial planning, business development, and best practice solutions.


Please note Advisory board members are not holding executive positions within the firm and do not bear legal fiduciary responsibilities on behalf of the company.

Miri Ben Yehoshua

Miri is an experienced Credit & Risk Management expert, serving as Member of Credit Committees and as Risk Manager at leading Institutional players in Israel - such as the Hebrew University Endowment fund and Atudot Pension fund.

Prior to that, Miri served as the Chairwoman of the Investment Committee at Clalit Healthcare Endowment fund. Miri is also serving as Director and member of the Audit Committee at Sunflower Sustainable Investments (TASE:SNFL).

Miri served as Deputy CEO at Union Bank (2000-2004).

prior to that, she served as Executive Vice President at Mercantile Discount Bank (1995-2000) and Senior Advisor to the Treasury Capital Markets Supervisor (1991-1993) and Senior Economist at the Bank of Israel (1980-1990).

Miri is also a Senior Lecturer at the Israeli Financial Institute (IFI)

Gabriel Grego

Gabriel is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Quintessential Capital Management.

Quintessential Capital is long/short global equity fund established in 2008 in New York and focused on value investing.

The fund strategy consists in building a concentrated portfolio of high-quality securities, acquired opportunistically when fear, uncertainty or complexity create a significant gap between price and intrinsic value.

Gabriel holds a B.A. from London School of Economics and an M.B.A. from SDA Bocconi, Milan. Gabriel also completed Executive Education Program (USA) in Value Investing at Columbia University.

Gabriel is a regular contributor to the leading financial media Financial Times, Bloomberg and Forbes. Gabriel is also a member of Forbes Finance Council.